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Created using experts in their field including child psychologist, teaching experts, counselors, teachers, parents and game-play experts.

Kristy M.

Puzzle and Game Writer

Candace T.

Certified School Psychologist

Zaid Ed

Teaching Expert

Laila Ed


Laila Ed


Laila Ed

Gameplay Expert

How it works

Mission Storybook

A new mission is sent direct to your home every month.

Activities & Tasks

Activities are in printed form and online.

Parental Role

Parents play a crucial role in setting up the game, hiding top-secret files, and guiding the child through the game's start. Although their involvement is minimal.

Rules & Regulations

Players must complete each activity before moving on to the next. All activities in the mission, including helper tasks, must be completed satisfactorily to earn rewards.

Perfect for ages 5-12+

The IE(P) Framework

Immersive Educated play

Secret Little Agents is an interactive game designed for children aged 8-11, aimed at fostering independence, critical thinking, confidence, and essential life skills through fun and engaging activities. Players assume the role of secret agents, undertaking missions that involve solving puzzles, decoding messages, and uncovering clues.

Little Agents

"It's super CUTE... and a great way to bond with your kids"

More than just fun

"Your children become the main character... and it's something you can do with them"

Makes house-hold chores fun

Before each mission begins, your secret little agent must complete pre-mission chores, decided upon by mom or dad. It's a great way create a habit of helping out around the house.

Immersive, stimulated learning

Secret Little agents blends fun, play and learning into hours of fun. The variety of activities keep your child engaged and stimulated while they learn and play.

Makes learning addictive

Learning should be fun. That's why every mission is created using our Immersive Educated Play IE(P) framework. It makes learning fun and exciting.

Hours of independent play

Each monthly mission contains a variety of activities including reading, critical thinking, drawing, problem solving, hand-eye coordination, creativity and more. Every mission is designed for minimal parent input, so you'll have time to do other things 🙂

Nurtures parent & child bonding

Build a closer bond with your child when you help with activities, read the mission story and discuss the critical thinking questions included in each story book. They'll remember the time you spend together for years to come.

Encourages critical thinking & problem solving

Each mission includes critical thinking activities aimed at stimulating growing little minds. Agents must think outside-the-box and piece together clues to solve the mission.

Encourages physical activity

Every mission includes physical activities to help form healthy habits that stay with them through to adulthood. Every agent must exercises to earn mission money and rewards otherwise they must answer to the agent boss!

Improves confidence & independence

With the help from child psychologist, each mission is designed to build self confidence, independence and perseverance. Your child will remember the feeling of accomplishment and take these lessons on to college and adulthood.

Sparks creativity & imagination

The range of activities included in each mission keeps your child engaged and stimulated for hours at a time. Activities are designed to spark creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, which is an important skill for the innovation and knowledge economy we live in today.

Makes reading fun & engaging

The story book is unique to your child because they become the main character and help create the book. Each book comes with coloring in images and areas to draw own pictures. It's fully immersive and make's your child fall in LOVE with reading.

What's Included?

"...My kids had so much fun!"
Each month a TOP SECRET mission is sent direct to your home. Agents must complete chores, gather clues and finish activities to solve the mission, earn agent money and buy rewards. It's a fun and exciting way to make learning and chores fun!

Chore charts, money & vouchers

Each mission includes reward money and reward vouchers. When a mission is successfully completed, your child is paid a set fee which is use to buy reward vouchers.

Tools, gadgets & accessories

Every mission comes with different tools, gadgets and props to help complete the mission. Tools and gadgets are made from paper and require cutting out, folding and stapling.

Educational activities

Each mission is skillfully crafted by an educational experts, seasoned child authors and mom and dads just like you.

Reward badges & medals

Each mission includes a participation badge and a special medal for completing each mission. This includes pre-mission chores and tidying up after each mission.

Detailed instructions

Everything you need comes with detailed instructions for a seamless game play experience.

Answers & help along the way

We provide detailed answers to all activities so no agent is left unsure. We even have a Secret Agent HQ number you can call and get help from the Secret Agent boss.

Collectible story book series

Each mission comes with a collectible story book with your child as the main character.

Online Portal

Where kids can embark on thrilling online missions in a safe and exciting virtual environment.

Asked Questions

The activities can be played by kids aged from five years old all the way up to 15. Younger children may need help reading the activity instructions.

It depends on your child. We provide detailed instructions to make easy. But younger children may need help with reading the instructions. But don't worry, it only takes a few minutes of your time and it's fun to play along.

There's are no contracts or commitments so you can cancel at any time. But once you see the hours of fun your child gets from Secret Little Agents, I'm sure you wont want to cancel.

You will receive one mission each month. Every mission takes place in a different country, which keeps it exciting and educational.

Everything is provided in the monthly mission envelope in paper format. You'll need scissors, a stapler, staples, pens and coloring pens, crayons or paints.

It depends on your child. It can take a couple of hours or even a week - if you decide to stretch out the game. Some parents prefer to stretch the game over a week so chores must be completed before playing the days activities.

We know your child's privacy is of utmost importance to you as a parent. That's why we keep minimal information about your child and record only what's needed. We respect your child's privacy and your job as a parent to protect them.

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