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(Example of everything that comes in one monthly mission)
Each month your little agent receives a new mission located somewhere new in the world.  Once they finish their chores, they use gadgets to completing educational and physical activities that help them piece together the clues to solve the mission.  
Each mission includes

Chore charts, money & vouchers
Agents receive money after successfully completing each mission which can be used to buy rewards vouchers.

Tools, gadgets & accessories
Every mission comes with different tools and gadgets used to solve each unique mission.

Educational activities
Agents must complete different activities to find clues and help solve the mission. 

Reward badges & medals
Once a mission is completed and chores done, the agent is awarded a badge and medal.

Detailed instructions
Everything you need comes with detailed instructions for a seamless game play experience.

Answers & help along the way
Detailed answers are provided for all activities plus you can call a number to hear pre-recorded messages should you need help.

Collectible story book series
Each mission comes with a collectible story book with your child as the main character.
Why parents & agents it!
"...Finally, compliance with chores like cleaning her room with no argument!"
"He had a great time building and putting together the clues!"
"The graphics were so detailed! I loved it..."
"I think it's great.  It's like a hands on Carmen Sandiego"
"I cant wait for the next mission!"


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