Secret Agent Application

Your Child Is A...

 Secret Agent Leader

Our Artificial Intelligence algorithm has analyzed your quiz answers, and believes your child has leadership qualities. 

What does this mean?
Agents with leadership qualities are confident in their abilities, show honor and commitment, and get things done. 

Agents like your child lead by example and set the standard for other agents.  They complete pre-mission chores one time, listen to their advisors (parents) and grow up to be fine citizens.  

Promotions & Leadership Roles
But, before any agent can be promoted to leadership status, they must start as a junior agent and successfully complete missions and collect badges and medals.  Only then will they be considered for the leadership roles.

Very few Secret Agents make it to this level.  They must be exceptional and pass all the test.  The good news is, we see potential in your little agent, therefore... 

Your application was: SUCCESSFUL! 
Based on your little agents score, we'd like to inform you that your child is ACCEPTED into the force.  Click the button below to register your agent now.