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Your Child Is A...

 Charismatic Secret Agent

Our Artificial Intelligence algorithm has analyzed your quiz answers, and believes your child has charismatic qualities. 

What does this mean?
Agents with charismatic qualities are bubbly, social and good with people. 

Agents like your child need social interaction and enjoy talking, joking about and learning about others.  They light up the room and can get on with virtually anyone they meet.  

Charismatic Roles
Charismatic kids make great agents because the can relate and empathize with complainants.  They excellent at interviews because the get people talking and are integral to solving missions.

We see potential in your little agent, and we always need more charismatic agents on our team, therefore... 

Your application was: SUCCESSFUL! 
Based on your little agents score, we'd like to inform you that your child is ACCEPTED into the force.  Click the button below to register your agent now.